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Full List of Undergraduate Courses
School-Sponsored Course
Multidisciplinary Course
History and Anthropology
Philosophy and Religion
Studio Arts


School-Sponsored Course
Course Code Course Title
HUMA 1000 Cultures and Values
HUMA 1001 Foundational Texts in the Humanities [C] [PU] [CA] [EN]
SHSS 3001 Understanding China, 1700-2000: A Data-Analytic Approach [C]
Multidisciplinary Course
Course Code Course Title
HUMA 2400 (3400, 240)* Approaches to Humanities in China Studies [C]
Course Code Course Title
HUMA 1010 (001) Introduction to Language
HUMA 1020 (002) Chinese Writing and Culture [C]
HUMA 1030 (2030, 103) Structure of the Chinese Language [C]
HUMA 1060 (2060, 106) Introduction to Mandarin Chinese Grammar [C] [PU]
HUMA 2010 (3010, 201) Metaphors in English and Chinese [C]
HUMA 2031 (3060, 206) The Cantonese Language [C] [CA]
HUMA 2050 (105)^ Classical Chinese [C] [PU]
HUMA 3030 (203) Language, Communication and Culture
HUMA 4000P* Cantonese Grammar in Contemporary Linguistic Theories [PU]
HUMA 4020* Language and Literature in Modern China [C] [PU] [CA]
Course Code Course Title
HUMA 1210 Chinese Women on Screen
HUMA 1231 Popular Culture of East Asia
HUMA 1250 (3150, 215) Themes in Literature: Love and Death [C]
HUMA 1300 (2201, 113) Introduction to Western Literature
HUMA 1301 World Literature and Film
HUMA 2200 (112) Masterpieces of World Literature
HUMA 2210 (3310, 231) Western Short Stories
HUMA 2220 (114) China in Film: Modern Chinese Culture and Identities
HUMA 2240 (124) Masterpieces of Chinese Literature [C] [PU]
HUMA 2250 (125) Modern Chinese Fiction (1917-1949) [C] [PU]
HUMA 2260 (126) Contemporary Chinese Fiction (1949-present) [C] [PU]
HUMA 2280 Identity Goes Global: From Border Crossing to Boundary Remaking
HUMA 2300 (130) Traditional Chinese Poetry: Early Chinese Poetry [C] [PU]
HUMA 2310 (131) Traditional Chinese Fiction [C] [PU] [EN]
HUMA 2320 (132)* Chinese Drama [C] [PU]
HUMA 2330 Anime
HUMA 3000C* Entering the World of Art Films, Independent Films, and Documentary Films [C] [PU]
HUMA 3200 Questions of Humanity in World Literature
HUMA 3201 Animation: A Global Perspective
HUMA 3202 (3000A)* Chinese Creative Writing: Reading Literary Classics and Writing Essays [C] [PU]
HUMA 3203* Chinese Creative Writing: Reading Literary Classics and Writing Novels [C] [PU]
HUMA 3204* Chinese Creative Writing: Reading Literary Classics and Writing [C] [PU]
HUMA 3205* Technologies of Passion: Self and Love in Chinese Literature [C]
HUMA 3210 (221) Traditional Chinese Poetry: Tang and Song Poetry [C] [PU]
HUMA 3220 (222) Modern Chinese Poetry [C] [PU]
HUMA 3240 (3140, 214) The Gothic Imagination in Literature and Film
HUMA 3250 Independent Cinema in Contemporary China
HUMA 4000D* Hollywood Goes to Asia: Transnational Asian Media
HUMA 4000E* The Foreigners’ Look at China
HUMA 4000G* Global Hong Kong in Literature and Film
HUMA 4220 (4110)* Verbal and Visual Representation of China
HUMA 4250 (4130, 313)* Masterpieces of Modern Literature
History and Anthropology
Course Code Course Title
HUMA 1420 Late Imperial China from Yuan to Qing
HUMA 1430 (043) History of P. R. China’s Diplomacy, 1949-1989 [C] [PU]
HUMA 1440 (144, 042) Modern China [C]
HUMA 1520 (052) Modern East Asia
HUMA 1620 (062) Human Culture and Society
HUMA 1630 (2631, 256) Popular Religion in South China [C] [CA]
HUMA 1632 Community Heritage and Food Technology
HUMA 1639 (2610, 161) Marriage, Family and Kinship in Cross-cultural Perspectives
HUMA 1650 (2650, 165) Appreciation of Western Art
HUMA 1660 (066)^ Introduction to Chinese Art [C] [PU]
HUMA 1671 Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong Culture [C] [CA]
HUMA 1672 Studio Arts Workshops: Cantonese Opera [C] [CA]
HUMA 2420 (142)^ Late Imperial China [C] [PU]
HUMA 2430 (143) China in the 20th Century [C] [CA]
HUMA 2440 20th-Century China in Documentary Films
HUMA 2470 (3470, 247) From Fung Shui to Mao’s Villages: City Plans, Urban Politics & the Unseen World of Chinese Villages [C]
HUMA 2520 History of Tea in East Asia
HUMA 2581 China and Mainland Southeast Asia: Pre-Modern Historical Interactions
HUMA 2588 Nazism and German Society, 1914-1945
HUMA 2589 (300R) Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler: Dictators and their Regimes
HUMA 2590 (159) The Making of the Modern World: Renaissance to the Present
HUMA 2595 Science, Technology and Modern Life
HUMA 2596 History of Biology and Medicine
HUMA 2597 Environmental History
HUMA 2621 (101D) Culture and Environment
HUMA 2623 Cultural Sustainability in South China [CA] [PU]
HUMA 2630 (163) Anthropology of Food
HUMA 2632 (262) Chinese Culture and Society in Anthropological Perspectives [C] [CA]
HUMA 2635 (200E) Cultural Diversity in China
HUMA 2638 (3000D, 200D) Peoples and Cultures in Mainland Southeast Asia
HUMA 2639 Death, Dead Bodies, and Culture
HUMA 2640 (164) Unofficial China: Social History 1800s-1930s [C]
HUMA 2660 (166)^ Introduction to Chinese Painting [C] [PU]
HUMA 2661 (100A) Chinese Oil Painting
HUMA 2670 (167) Understanding Western Painting
HUMA 2680 (168) Understanding Western Architecture
HUMA 3430 (243) Reading Modern Chinese History Historically [C]
HUMA 3630 Community and Cultural Identity
HUMA 3660 (266) Tradition & Modernity: Chinese Ink Painting in 20th Century
HUMA 3680 (200W) Contemporary Architecture: The Pritzker Prize Winners
HUMA 4000A* Max Weber, the West, and the World
HUMA 4000F* The Nexus of Power: Warfare, Trade and the State in Chinese History
HUMA 4000H* Picturing History: Photographers and the Making of Modern China
HUMA 4000K* New Perspectives on Suicide Terrorism: Global View with Emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
HUMA 4000M* Modern Japanese Architecture
HUMA 4000N* Social Inequality in China, 1700-2000, in Comparative Perspective
HUMA 4000O* Jews of Islam (in Building of Two Close People) 7th-14th Centuries
HUMA 4520 (352)* History of US-China Relations
HUMA 4610* Heritage in Cross-cultural Perspective
HUMA 4620* Geopolitics
HUMA 4650 (300L)* Western Painting: From Renaissance to Impressionism
Philosophy and Religion
Course Code Course Title
HUMA 1710 (071) The Art of Thinking in the Hong Kong Context [C] [CA]
HUMA 1720 (072) Logic
HUMA 1810 (081) Introduction to Chinese Philosophy [C] [CA]
HUMA 1811 (2810, 181) History of Chinese Philosophy [C] [CA]
HUMA 1910 (2910) World Religions
HUMA 1920 (2920, 192) Introduction to Moral Philosophy
HUMA 2820 (182) Chinese Culture and Its Philosophies [C] [PU]
HUMA 2830 (3830, 283)^ Core Values in Confucianism [C] [PU]
HUMA 2840 (3820, 282) Buddhism and the Chinese Intellectual Tradition [C] [PU]
HUMA 2911 (3840, 284) Buddhism: Origin and Growth
HUMA 2921 (3960, 296) Ethical Theories and Contemporary Issues
HUMA 3000B* The Bible in Film
HUMA 3800 (382) Guided Studies in Chinese Philosophical Classics [C] [CA]
HUMA 3810 (281)^ Taoism and the Chinese Tradition [C] [PU]
HUMA 3821 (4850, 385) Classical Chinese Philosophy (in English)
HUMA 3900 (290) Philosophical Inquiry into the Modern World
HUMA 4000B* Political Islam: Medieval Theology, Modern Ideology
HUMA 4000C* Global Islam
HUMA 4000L* Philosophy of History and Society
HUMA 4700* Confucianism in a Global Context
HUMA 4840 (384)* Selected Readings of Religious Taoism [C] [CA]
Course Code Course Title
HUMA 1100 (2100, 110) Music of the World
HUMA 1102 (2102, 115) Enjoyment of Classical Music
HUMA 1107 Music and Film
HUMA 2000B* Art of Singing
HUMA 2101 (3101, 211) Enjoyment of Western Opera
HUMA 2103 (116)* Introduction to Music Composition
HUMA 2104 (117) Music Theory I
HUMA 2105 (3100, 210) Music, Drama and Theatre
HUMA 2106 (2000A)* A New Approach to Music Making
HUMA 2107 Introduction to Electronic Music Composition
HUMA 3102 (3000G)* Making Chamber Music A
HUMA 3103* Making Chamber Music B
HUMA 3104* Music Theory II
HUMA 3105 (2000C)* Making Choral Music
HUMA 3150* Independent Study in Creative Arts
Studio Arts
Course Code Course Title
HART 1001 (HUMA 1151) Arts and Creativity
HART 1011 (HUMA 1150) Introduction to Cantonese Opera [C] [CA]
HART 1012 (HUMA 1152) Introduction to Photography
HART 1013 Fundamental Technique of Chinese Painting [C] [CA]
HART 1014 Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy [C] [CA]
HART 1015 Introduction to Single-channel Video Art
HART 1017 (GNED 2000A) Introduction to Contemporary Dance
HART 1018 Introduction and Appreciation of Chinese Dance [C] [PU]
HART 1020 Introduction to Experimental Drawing
HART 1021 (GNED 2000B) A Contemporary Approach to Painting
HART 1022 Introduction to Acting [C] [CA] [EN]
HART 1023 Introduction to Experimental Animation
HART 1024 Introduction to Creative Cantonese Playwriting [C] [CA]
HART 1025 Introduction to New Topographic Photography
HART 1026 Connecting Acting with Public Speaking
HART 1027 Fundamental Techniques in Stage Movement
HART 1028 Devised Theatre: Contemporary Creative Process for Performance
HART 1029 Multicultural Dramatic Works
HART 1030 Introduction to Chinese Painting in the Past Century [C] [CA]
HART 1031 Documentary Theatre
HART 1032 Experimental Figure Drawing
HART 1033 The Art and Making of Dance Video
HART 1034 Light and Art
HART 1035 Public Art Interventions
HART 1036 Introduction to Graphic Design
HART 1037 Introduction to Printmaking
HART 1038 Introduction to Portrait Photography
HART 1039 The Art of Narrative in Drama
HART 1040 Western Fashion, 1850 to Nowadays
HART 1041 Singing on Stage
HART 1042 Ink and Color – Experiencing Chinese Painting
HART 1043 Mask Theater: Exploring Mankind through Masks
HART 1044 Science on Stage
HART 1045 Exploring Puppetry: Creating a Shadow Puppet Production
HART 1046 Introduction to Interior Design

* non-common core course

^ Chinese communication course

Teaching Medium: [CA]=Cantonese; [PU]=Putonghua
Reading Materials: [C]=Chinese