Undergraduate Course Offering for Spring 2018

Under a policy approved by the Senate, exceptions to the general University policy stating that English is the medium of instruction will be permitted when the courses are related to the area of Chinese studies and are approved by the School of Humanities and Social Science. Courses approved to be taught in Chinese carry a [PU] or [CA] notation in the course description, which indicates the spoken language used in teaching: [PU] stands for Putonghua; and [CA] for Cantonese.

Courses marked with a [C] in the course description are not taught in Chinese but may require students to read materials in Chinese. Students who have difficulty reading materials in Chinese should consult the instructor concerned prior to enrolling in these courses. Alternative English reading materials may be provided.

School-Sponsored Course
Multidisciplinary Course
History and Anthropology
Philosophy and Religion
Studio Arts

  course syllabus  
School-Sponsored Course
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1000A Cultures and Values: Language, Communication and Society Cathy Pan
HUMA1000B Cultures and Values: Righteousness, Destiny and Well-being Sai-lok Nam
HUMA1000C Cultures and Values: Economic Development, Legal Justice, and Social Diversity Pui-tak Lee
Multidisciplinary Course
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA2400*# Approaches to Humanities in China Studies [C]

Flora Fu, Eric Nelson & Billy So

Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1010 Introduction to Language Margaret Lei
HUMA1020 Chinese Writing and Culture [C] Jingtao Sun
HUMA1030 Structure of the Chinese Language [C] Dechao Li
HUMA2050^ Classical Chinese [C][PU] Dechao Li
HUMA3030# Language, Communication and Culture Min Zhang
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA2210 Western Short Stories Lisa Wong >
HUMA3000C* Entering the World of Art Films, Independent Films, and Documentary Films [C][PU] Jianmei Liu
HUMA3200# Questions of Humanity in World Literature May-yi Shaw
HUMA3203* Chinese Creative Writing: Reading Literary Classics and Writing Novels [C][PU] Lianke Yan
HUMA4000J* The Search for Identity: On Self and Community May-yi Shaw
History and Anthropology
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1620 Human Culture and Society Guangtian Ha
HUMA2590# The Making of the Modern World: Renaissance to the Present Joshua Derman
HUMA2595 Science, Technology and Modern Life Jenny Smith
HUMA2630 Anthropology of Food Tik-sang Liu >
HUMA2635 Cultural Diversity in China Yuzhong Zhao
HUMA2640 Unofficial China: Social History 1800s-1930s [C] Virgil Ho
HUMA2660^ Introduction to Chinese Painting [C][PU] Flora Fu
HUMA3680 Contemporary Architecture: The Pritzker Prize Winners Anna Kwong
HUMA4610*# Heritage in Cross-cultural Perspective Tik-sang Liu >
Philosophy and Religion
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1920 Introduction to Moral Philosophy Nahum Brown
HUMA2830^ Core Values in Confucianism [C][PU] Charles Chan
HUMA2840 Buddhism and the Chinese Intellectual Tradition [C][PU] Simon Wong
HUMA2911 Buddhism: Origin and Growth Eric Nelson
HUMA3900# Philosophical Inquiry into the Modern World Nahum Brown
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HUMA1100 Music of the World Isaac Droscha
HUMA1102 Enjoyment of Classical Music (L1 & L2) Matthew Tommasini
HUMA2000C* Making Choral Music Isaac Droscha
HUMA2103* Introduction to Music Composition Ilari Kaila
HUMA2104 Music Theory I Ilari Kaila
HUMA2105 Music, Drama and Theatre Isaac Droscha & Mandy Petty
HUMA3103* Making Chamber Music B (L1, L2 & L3) Andrew Ling & Amy Sze
Studio Arts
Course Code Course Title Instructor  
HART1001 Arts and Creativity Alice Lo & Anthony Lee
HART1012 Introduction to Photography (LA1 & LA2) Leon Suen
HART1015 Introduction to Single-channel Video Art Anthony Lee
HART1022 Introduction to Acting [C][CA] Hoi-fai Wu
HART1026 Connecting Acting with Public Speaking Krissy Lam
HART1035 Public Art Interventions Cornelia Erdmann
HART1036 Introduction to Graphic Design Alice Lo
HART1042 Ink and Color – Experiencing Chinese Painting Yung Chan

* Non-common core course
^ Chinese communication course
# GCS course

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