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Full List of Postgraduate Courses
Multidisciplinary Course
History and Anthropology
Philosophy and Religion


Multidisciplinary Course
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5001 Fundamentals of Chinese Culture [C]
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5002 Chinese Historical Phonology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5060 (6000G, 600G) Topics in Chinese Phonetics [C] [PU]
HUMA 5160 (516) Chinese Historical Phonology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5170 (517) Chinese Historical Lexicology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5180 (518) Chinese Historical Morphology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5230 (523, 600D) Languages of China: Anthropological and Cognitive Dimensions [C] [PU]
HUMA 5240 (524) Chinese Dialectology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5270 (527) Cantonese Linguistics [C] [PU]
HUMA 5280 (528, 600F) Cantonese Grammar in Contemporary Linguistic Theories [C] [PU]
HUMA 6000A Topics in Modern Chinese Grammar [C] [PU]
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5003 Chinese Literary History [C]
HUMA 5300 (530) Chinese Literary History [C]
HUMA 5330 (533) Traditional Chinese Literary Theory and Criticism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5340 (534) Modern Chinese Literary Criticism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5360 (536, 601J) History and Theory of Comparative Literature [C]
HUMA 5370 Animation Theories
HUMA 5440 (544) Contemporary Chinese Fiction [C] [PU]
HUMA 5450 (545) Taiwan and Hong Kong Fiction [C] [PU]
HUMA 5470 (6001S) China in Foreigners’ Eyes
HUMA 5490 Liaozhai and Story Creation [C] [PU]
HUMA 6001T Comparative Perspectives on Chinese Animation
HUMA 6001U Traveling Texts and Images: Modern Chinese Literature [C]
HUMA 6001W (601E) Late Qing Literature [C] [PU]
HUMA 6001Y The Three Gorges Dam on Film
HUMA 6001X Soicalist Film Culture
HUMA 6001Z Selected Topics in Russian Literature and Literary Theory
History and Anthropology
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5004 Pre-Modern Chinese History [C]
HMMA 5005 Modern Chinese History [C]
HMMA 5006 Anthropological Studies of China [C]
HUMA 5510 (551) Pre-Modern Chinese History [C]
HUMA 5515 (602E) Readings in Song and Ming History [C] [PU]
HUMA 5520 (552) Modern Chinese History [C]
HUMA 5590 Southwest China and Southeast Asia [C]
HUMA 5620 (562) Chinese Painting: Meanings and Uses [C] [PU]
HUMA 5625 (6002F, 602F) Painting and Modernity in China: Qing and After [C] [PU]
HUMA 5655 (6002R) Contracts and Order in Chinese Local Society, 600-1911 AD [C]
HUMA 5660 (566) City and Urban Life in Late-Imperial and Modern China [C]
HUMA 5685 (6002P) Peasants and the Chinese Communist Party [C]
HUMA 5690 (602H) Major Issues in the History of U.S.-China Relations [C]
HUMA 5695 Fascism
HUMA 5696 (6002I) The Culture of Capitalism
HUMA 5700 (5540, 554) Anthropological Studies of China [C]
HUMA 5750 (575) Family and Lineage in South China [C]
HUMA 5755 (602G) Ethnicity in Chinese Context
HUMA 5770 (5550, 555) Field Research: Theory and Practice
HUMA 5780 (578) Critical Approaches to Theories of Cultural Anthropology
HUMA 6002S 20th Century Russia
HUMA 6002U Food and Power
Philosophy and Religion
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5007 Fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy [C] [PU]
HUMA 5800 (580) Fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy [C] [PU]
HUMA 5810 (581) Confucianism: Classical Period [C] [PU]
HUMA 5820 (582) Confucianism: Song and Ming Periods [C] [PU]
HUMA 5830 (583) Confucianism: Contemporary Period [C] [PU]
HUMA 5840 (584) Chinese Buddhism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5842 Buddhist Philosophy
HUMA 5844 Reading Chan Buddhism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5850 (585, 603C) Taoism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5900 (590) Fundamentals of Comparative Philosophy [C]
HUMA 5910 Philosophy of Religion: East and West
HUMA 5930 Classical Chinese Philosophy
HUMA 6003A Topics in Chinese Philosophy (in English) [C]
HUMA 6003C Theories and Methods in the Study of Religious Daoism [C]
HUMA 6003E Philosophy of History and Society

Teaching Medium: [CA]=Cantonese; [PU]=Putonghua
Reading Materials: [C]=Chinese