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The Wong Wai-chong Essay Prize in Chinese Culture

(Closed beginning 2011-2012)

One cash prize of $3,000 for the best postgraduate paper in the field of Chinese culture.

1) All submissions should be in essay form, in either Chinese or English, in the field of Chinese culture.
2) Each nominated project must be presented in fulfillment of a PG course requirement during the period from Summer 2010 through Spring 2011.
3) Nomination deadline is 31 January 2011 for Fall submissions and 30 June 2011 for Spring submissions.

Interested students should approach instructors for possible nominations.


 List of Award Recipients

Mr. Fan Guangxin (2000-2001)
Ms. Mu Jian (2001-2002)
Mr. Phua Chiew-pheng (2002-2003)
Mr. Zhang Hui (2003-2004)
Ms. Zhang Jian (2004-2005)
Mr. Chan Sze-shing Edmund (2005-2006)
Ms. Yang Yanni (2006-2007)
Mr. Zhang Chuntian (2007-2008)
Ms. Lam Nga-li (2008-2009)
Ms. Chen Yuting (2010-2011)