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Wallace C K Siu Prize for Undergraduate Humanities


Nature and Objective
Mr. Wallace C K Siu has made a donation of HK$20,000 to the Division of Humanities to encourage a high quality of research in Humanities at the undergraduate level. The endowment is designated for a cash prize of HK$2,000 for ten years which will be given to the best piece of sole creation and original work presented in fulfillment of an undergraduate Humanities course requirement from the academic year of 2010-2011 to 2019-2020. The prize is named the Wallace C K Siu Prize for Undergraduate Humanities.


1)  All submissions should be in written form, in either Chinese or English.
2)  The project nominated should be a piece of scholarly, critical or creative work.
3)  Each project nominated for the prize must be presented in fulfillment of an undergraduate Humanities course requirement in either Fall or Spring term of an academic year.
4)  Each project must be presented by an individual author.



1)  The prize is awarded annually.
2)  All instructors of Division of Humanities are invited to recommend their students’ projects for competition. Each instructor may nominate one submission per course.
3)  All projects should be nominated with the consent of the students.
4)  Nominations will be solicited in the end of Fall or Spring semester of an academic year. The deadlines for submission of complete projects are January 31 and June 30, respectively.
5)  The Undergraduate Studies Committee will be in charge of reviewing all submitted projects. The Committee will have one month to complete the review and nominate one project for the prize.
6)  The Undergraduate Studies Committee will submit the nomination in early August to the Division Head for endorsement.
7)  The results of the prize will be announced by the end of August.


< List of Award Recipients

Ms. Lo Wai-yi (2019-20)
Mr. Kong Solsar (2018-2019)
Ms. Ho Hin-ying Christine (2017-2018)
Ms. Law Ka-yin (2016-2017)
Ms. Ji Caixuan Susan (2015-2016)
Mr. Yip Ki-yin Darren (2014-15)
Mr. Kim Kyung Yeob Claudius (2013-2014)
Ms. Fok Woon-on Winnie (2012-2013)
Mr. Choi Man-hung Benedict (2011-2012)
Ms. Lam Shui-ying Monica (2010-11)