Other Event
28 February 2018 to 2 March 2018 “The ASEANnale 2018, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

20-21 January 2017 (Friday to Saturday) “Engaged Asian Anthropology: Opportunities and Challenges” Poster

3 December 2016 (Saturday) 18th Annual Conference of the Hong Kong Sociological Association, Coming of age: Sociology through the generations

23-29 August 2015 (Sunday to Saturday) “The 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences 2015”

26 May 2015 (Tuesday) “Roundtable – Hong Kong History, past, present, and future: the view from Hong Kong”

16-17 May 2015 (Saturday to Sunday) “Quadra-syllabic Idiomatic Expressions in Languages around South China

11 May 2015 (Monday) “Politics of Moral Sentiments: Civil Society and the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake in China9 May 2015 (Saturday) “Fashionable Tigers”

7-9 May 2015 (Thursday to Saturday) “第二屆中國文化研究青年學者論壇”

18 November 2014 “邊疆與族群”

23 Oct 2014 (Thursday), “Arts and Humanities Forum: How the Arts and Humanities can Contribute to Sustainable Policies and Practices”

22-25 Oct 2015 (Thursday – Sunday), “The Third Conference of East Asian Environmental History (EAEH 2015) (www.aeaeh.org).”

17-19 June 2015, “The Thirteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities”

23 Aug 2014 (Saturday), “TedxWanChai”

7 May 2014 (Wednesday), “Life in North Korea from Two Perspectives: for Ordinary North Koreans and for Expatriates Working There”

25 April 2014 “中国认同的危机:新天下主义如何可能?”

4, 6, 9 April 2014 (Friday, Sunday, Wednesday) “第二十七屆錢賓四先生學術文化講座”

10 April 2014 (Thursday), “From Raise the Red Lantern to The Oriole”

25 Mar 2014 (Tuesday), “Literature, in Small Times, in Great Times”

17 Mar 2014 (Monday), “辛亥革命前後的東亞國際秩序的演化與中日關係”

14 Mar 2014 (Friday), “On Words and Silences”