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Xinyang WANG ( 王心揚)  PhD Yale University, 1988
Professor Emeritus
Email : hmxwang
Full CV

Professor Wang earned his BA and MA from Nankai University, and his MA and PhD from Yale University. He taught at Washington State University before joining the faculty of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Research Interests
Chinese Diaspora history; comparative immigration studies; history of Sino-foreign relations; European and American social history; early medieval Chinese history.


Representative Publications

⟨家與國的抉擇:東晉士人對忠君觀念的提倡⟩[Family or State? The Advocate of the Confucian Idea of Loyalty to the Sovereign by the Scholar-Officials during the Eastern Jin].《台大歷史學報》[Historical Inquiry: National Taiwan University] 39 (June 2007): 107-137.

⟨亞裔美國史可以成為美國移民史的一部分嗎?⟩[Can Asian-American History be Part of U.S. Immigration History?].《世界歷史》[World History] 2 (2007): 123-127.

⟨論羅德州多爾起義的性質,兼議美國早期工匠的政治性格⟩[On the Nature of the Dorr Rebellion in Rhode Island, and on the Political Character of the Early American Artisans].《世界歷史》[World History] 2 (2006): 50-60.

“The Chinese in New York State.” In Encyclopedia of New York State. 323-325. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2005.

⟨論桓玄代晉的性質¾¾兼論孝武帝和劉裕之間皇權振興的連續性⟩[The Nature of Huan Hsuan’s Usurpation of Eastern Chin Revisited].《新史學》[New History] (Taiwan) 15.4 (December 2004): 197-221.

“Devotion to the Madonna and Veneration of Ancestors: Religious Adjustment of Italian and Chinese Immigrants in New York City, 1890-1970.” Studi Emigrazione: International Journal of Migration Studies (Italy) 38.144 (December 2001): 895-900.

Surviving the City: The Chinese Immigrant Experience in New York City, 1890-1970. Lanham, M.D.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2001.

“The Rise and Fall of the Coolie Trade in Macao, 1854-1872.” (translated from English into Portuguese by M. Flora Oliveira) Encontros de divulgacao e debate em estudos sociale (Portugal) 5 (September 2000): 99-102 (double-columned).
“Group Loyalties in the Workplace: The Chinese Immigrant Experience in New York City, 1890-1970.” New York History (USA) 80.3 (July 1999): 279-304.

“Economic Opportunity, Artisan Leadership, and Immigrant Workers’ Labor Militancy: Italian and Chinese Immigrants in New York City, 1890-1970.” Labor History (USA) 37 (Fall 1996): 480-499.

“When Families Came to America: Adaptation of Italian and Chinese Familial Traditions in New York City, 1890-1970.” Eur-America: A Journal of European and American Studies (Taiwan) 25 (December 1995): 1-26.

⟨美國新社會史的興起及其走向⟩[The Rise of American Social History and Its Trends].《新史學》[New History] (Taiwan) 6 (September 1995): 155-183.