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Poetry Events on the Chinese Creative Writing Program
Zang Di 臧棣: “嚴肅的遊戲”,當代詩的一個脈絡:從顧城、楊小濱、車前子、啞石談起

Eleanor Goodman 顧愛玲:  Center and Periphery: Translation to a Poet/Poetry to a Translator
臧棣  北京大學文學博士學位,任教於北京大學中文系,北京大學中國詩歌研究院研究員。代表詩集有《燕園紀事》(1998)、《宇宙是扁的》(2008)、《空城計》(2009)、《未名湖》(2010)、《慧根叢書》(2011),《小挽歌叢書》(2012)、《騎手和豆漿》(2015)、《必要的天使》(2015)、《就地神游》(2016)、《最簡單的人類動作入門》(2017)等。曾獲 “《南方文壇》雜志“2005年度批評家獎”、“中國當代十大杰出青年詩人”(2005)、“1979-2005中國十大先鋒詩人”(2006)、“中國十大新銳詩歌批評家”(2007)、《星星》2015年度詩歌獎、揚子江詩學獎(2017)。
Eleanor Goodman’s first collection of poetry, Nine Dragon Island (Enclave/Zephyr, 2016), was a finalist for the Drunken Boat First Book Prize.’ Her translation of Something Crosses My Mind: Selected Poems of Wang Xiaoni (Zephyr, 2014) was the winner of the 2015 Lucien Stryk Prize and the recipient of a 2013 PEN/Heim Translation Grant. She is the translator of the anthology Iron Moon: Chinese Worker Poetry (White Pine, 2017), The Roots of Wisdom: Poems by Zang Di (Zephyr, 2017), and Days When I Hide My Corpse in a Cardboard Box: Poems of Natalia Chan (Zephyr, 2018). She is a Research Associate at the Harvard University Fairbank Center.
Speaker(s) Mr. ZANG Di (臧棣先生) / Ms. Eleanor Goodman (顧愛玲女士)
Date 10 Oct 2018 (Wednesday)
Time 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Venue Academic Building Room 4334 (Lift 3)
Language 以普通話及英語主講
Sponsor Tin Ka Ping Foundation
HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study
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