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Virtual Workshop: Transcultural Encounters Between Russia and East Asia


Detailed program

Day 1 (April 17)

Keynote speech 9:00 pm -9:50 pm

“The Chinese Appropriation of Russian Texts During the Inter-War Years” by Prof. Katerina Clark (Yale University)

A. Encounters and transformations (4) 10:00 pm – 11:20 pm
“Science and Mythology in Manchurian prose of Nikolai Baikov” by Prof. Olga Anatolyevna Volkova (Clemson University)

“Departure from Western modernity: Russian literature and Futabatei Shimei in the making of Kunikida Doppo” by Dr. Yu Sakai (University of Oxford)

“Nikolai Konrad and his Project of “World Literature” in the USSR” by Prof. Shunichiro Akikusa (Nihon University)

“Dual Homeland: Cho Myoung-hui and the Origins of Koryo Saram (Soviet Korean) Literature” by Prof. Susanna Soojung Lim (University of Oregon)

B. The circulation of ideas (3) 11:25 pm – 12:25 am
“Life as Form-Giving Concept: China, Russia, Idealism” by Prof. Roy Chan (University of Oregon)

“From Commune to Cooperative: Translation and Localization of Kropotkin’s The Conquest of Bread” by Prof. Andrew Way Leong (UC Berkeley)

“Bringing Up Asia: Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Children in a Russian International Children’s Home” by Prof. Elizabeth McGuire (Cal State East Bay)


Day 2 (April 18)

Keynote speech 9:00 pm – 9:50 pm

“Doing Transnational Intellectual History from Below:  Underground Origins of Japan’s Russia” by Prof. Sho Konishi (University of Oxford)

C. Modernism and post-modernism (4) 10:00 pm – 11:20 pm
“Chinese Stories for International Readers: Aesthetics of Xiao San’s Russian Poems” by Prof. Zhen Zhang (Renmin University of China)

“Love Lost in Transmission and Translation:
Kollontai’s “Theory of a Glass of Water” in the early Soviet Union, Japan and May Fourth China” by Prof. Sasha Hsiang-Yin Chen (Academia Sinica)

“Poetry in the Era of Reform: The Russian Poetics of Chinese Avant-Garde” by Prof. Jinyi Chu (Yale University)

“A Different Version of Socialist Realism: Revolutionary Romanticism in China and its Reconfiguration by Mo Yan” by Prof. Xiaolu Ma (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

D. Cinematic internationalism (2) 11:25 pm – 12:05 am

“Stalled at Friendship Station: Under Ancient Desert Skies and Cinematic Internationalism on the Eve of the Sino-Soviet Split” by Prof. Edward Tyerman (UC Berkeley)

“The Translation and Reception of Soviet Acting Theories in Chinese Socialist Cinema” by Prof. Jessica Chan (University of Richmond)


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Date 17 Apr 2021 (Saturday) - 18 Apr 2021 (Sunday)
Time 9:00pm - 12:30am
Language English