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PG Student Symposium
Research Postgraduate Students
Interdisciplinary Symposium in Humanities
WEI Yang  –  Bingzhou Tones: Tonotypes and the Clockwise Tone Shift
KAT Wing Sze  –  Tone-vowel Systems in Wu’s Marginalized Dialects
XU Yifa  –  How Does the Negative Existential Invade into Other Negation Domains in Southern Chinese Dialects?
LIN Zhuyun  –  Case Histories and Medical Practice of a Chinese Psychiatric Hospital in the Late 1960s, Southern China
CHONG Hoi Shan  –  Comparing the Meanings of Emptiness (Xu虛) Daodejing (道德經) and Vanity (Hebel) in Ecclesiastes with a Reflection on the Meaning of Life
CABURAL Mark Kevin  –  Epistemology and Ethics: Self and Other in Confucius and Edith Stein
LAI Wan Yin  –  British Colonial Hong Kong as a Modern State: Case Studies of Tax Non-Compliance and Corruption
WANG Yiqiao  –  Unruly Students: Examination Strikes in the Middle-to-late Qing Dynasty
YUE Huanyu  –  Synecdoche, Yuanming Yuan: Poems and Anecdotes of The Garden of Perfect Brightness
Date 26 Apr 2018 (Thursday)
Venue Room 3301, Academic Building (Lift no. 2)
Language English