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Chinese Creative Writing Program
Lu Xun and World Literature

3 July 2021 (Day 1)



Keynote speech:   

Professor Carlos Rojas –  At Home in the World


A – Humanism and Humanity 8:55-9:55 am

Kun Qian The Unpassable Pass: Time, Humanity, and the Worlding of
Transcendence in Lu Xun and Guo Moruo’s Fiction on Lao Zi
Eileen Cheng Being Human in an Inhuman World:
Lu Xun’s Morning Blossoms Gathered at Dusk
Roy Chan Lu Xun’s “Severe Style”:
Speculative Prose and the Decolonial Absolute


B – Biopolitics and Animals 10:00-10:40 am

Wenjin Cui The Will to Power and the Generation of a “New Life”:
Lu Xun, Nietzsche and Mara Poetry
Christopher Tong Lu Xun, Animals, and Anti-colonial Thought


C – Visuality and Materiality 10:45-11:45 am

Daniel M Dooghan Lu Xun, Influencer:
Media, Mustaches, and the Making of a World Literary Celebrity
Tim Shao-hung Teng Archeology of the eyeball: Lu Xun and “On Photography”
Xiaoyu Xia Deckle-Edged Lu Xun:
   Stories from Overseas, the Revolution of the Book, and the  Imagination of a New Readership

4 July 2021 (Day 2)


D – East Asia and the Sinophone World 8:00-9:20am


Jon von Kowallis Death in Semi-colonial Shanghai: the Real Story
Joshua A Fogel Lu Xun and Japan
Satoru Hashimoto Lu Xun, Takeuchi Yoshimi, and a World Literature
Wayne Yeung Troubling the Empire of Intertextuality:
Lu Xun’s Sinophone Reinscriptions

E – Intertextuality and Close Reading 9:25-10:25 am

Keru Cai Lu Xun’s Grabbist Realism:
“Diary of a Madman” and its Russian Intertexts
Chienyn Chi Lu Xun’s Man-Eating Discourse:
Reading the Empire of Psychiatry in “A Madman’s Diary”
Yueling Ji Translation, Europeanization, and Classical Chinese:
A Stylistics of Old Tales Retold


F – Translation and European Literature 10:30-11:50 am

Xiaolu Ma Lu Xun’s Translation of Ivan Vazov via German Sources
Cui Wendong Lu Xun’s Appropriation of Weltliteratur:
Taking Collection of Foreign Fiction as an Example
Audrey Heijns A History of Lu Xun’s Works in Dutch Translation
Emily Graf The Conflicting Dynamics of World Literary Heritage:
The Entangled Spaces of Lu Xun and Sándor Petőfi
Speaker(s) Keynote Speakers: Professor Carlos ROJAS
Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Duke University
Date 3 Jul 2021 (Saturday) - 4 Jul 2021 (Sunday)
Time 8:00am - 12:00noon (HK Time Zone)
Venue The conference will be conducted via ZOOM
Language English
Remarks Meeting ID: 965 9363 7394 and Passcode: 793248
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