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MPhil Thesis Presentation
Life is a Play: The Representation of Actor’s Life in 20th Century Chinese Drama
Actors, as fragile beings, both on and off-stage, are often remembered as the characters they play throughout history, especially in contemporary China in the Republican time. As a result of both public recognition and rigorous training, the majority of famous actors from that period confuse their identity with that of the characters’ at some point of their life, even to such extent that actors portraying death on stage could result in death in real-life. The literary device ‘play within a play’ further explores the innate paradox of actors mistaken life for theater. The nature of this occupation makes actors the living history of social changes, and offers a unique perspective on historical events such as the May Fourth Movement and Cultural Revolution.
Speaker(s) Miss Yun ZHOU
Date 25 May 2018 (Friday)
Time 9:30 am
Venue Room 3301, Academic Building (Lift 2)
Language English