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PhD Thesis Presentation
夢之工廠: «紅樓夢»在晚清民國的接受與再生
Dream Factory: Receptions and Transformations of the Dream of the Red Chamber in Late Qing and Republican China


Focusing on the receptions and transformations of Dream of the Red Chamber (Honglou meng) in late Qing and modern China, this dissertation examines the ways in which this eighteenth-century literary canon was constantly being re-conceived, rewritten and reinvented during this momentous era. Through the delineation of the transformative role that Dream of the Red Chamber played in modern cultural production, this dissertation explores the intertwined critical issues concerning literary modernity, emotion, gender and modern culture. At a time of drastic cultural changes, Dream of the Red Chamber was not a static repertory, but rather it functioned as a dynamic discursive space that interacts with modern people’s feelings, thoughts, psychology, and the complexity of their historical situations. Through detailed analyses of the first-hand, original materials covering a range of literary and visual genres, this dissertation sheds new light on the roles of the canon and tradition in the formation of Chinese literary modernity.

Speaker(s) Ms. Yanghe LIU
Date 29 Jun 2021 (Tuesday)
Time 10:30am
Venue The presentation will be conducted via ZOOM
Language Putonghua
Remarks Meeting ID: 986 9648 8436 Passcode: 609407
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