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MPhil Thesis Presentation
Comparison of Wang Yangming and Kant on their Moral Philosophy
In the history of Chinese and Western philosophy, Wang Yangming and Kant are very concerned about the field of moral philosophy. They established their own moral philosophy system with Liang-chi and free will as the core. Although there are many distinctions between Chinese and Western philosophy, for example, western philosophy is good at speculative thinking and seeks pure knowledge, while Chinese philosophy focuses on people’s subjectivity and real life, it is a universally acknowledged fact that a series categories established by Kant is of great importance and enlightenment to the interpretation of Wang Yangming’s moral philosophy. Mou Tsung-san ever said, although the traditions of Chinese and western philosophy are different, there must be a way to make it through, which is exactly Kant. So in the background of current moral crisis, is it possible that we can learn from these two philosophers?
This thesis aims to explore the moral philosophy system of Wang Yangming and Kant from their original classics, compare the similarities and differences between them and discuss the influence of their self-cultivation theory on the contemporary society. Through the comparison, their moral philosophy would be discussed in depth, both self-cultivation theory would be elaborated, and the meaning and value of life would be questioned.
Speaker(s) Ms. CHEN, Xiaoran
Date 25 Jun 2018 (Monday)
Time 15:00 - 18:00
Venue Room 3401 (Lift 2), 3/F Academic Building, HKUST
Language English