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MPhil Thesis Presentation
A Discussion of Chinese Studies in Zhu Xi's Philosophy in the First 80 Years in 20th Century
At the early stage of the twentieth century, facing the challenges from western philosophy, a series of Chinese scholars, in readjusting the perspective and research method, began to have a new exploration on Zhu Xi’s philosophy. They re-specified the research scope and adopted terms in western philosophy to accurately define concepts in Zhu Xi’s theories. This research focuses on the first eighty years in the twentieth century, including the early establishment of the discipline of modern study in Zhu Xi’s philosophy, and the framework of Zhu Xi’s theories put forward by several scholars after 1949. As a review of the foundation of modern study in Zhu Xi’s philosophy, this thesis could provide help on recognizing the direction, the method, the inheritance and the innovation in contemporary studies in Zhu Xi and Neo-Confucianism.

Speaker(s) Mr. Yingfang WANG
Date 21 Jun 2018 (Thursday)
Time 10:00 am
Venue Room 3301, Academic Building (Lift no. 2)
Language Mandarin