Undergraduate Course Offering for Summer 2016

Under a policy approved by the Senate, exceptions to the general University policy stating that English is the medium of instruction will be permitted when the courses are related to the area of Chinese studies and are approved by the School of Humanities and Social Science.  Courses approved to be taught in Chinese carry a [PU] or [CA] notation in the course description, which indicates the spoken language used in teaching: [PU] stands for Putonghua; and [CA] for Cantonese.

Courses marked with a [C] in the course description are not taught in Chinese but may require students to read materials in Chinese.  Students who have difficulty reading materials in Chinese should consult the instructor concerned prior to enrolling in these courses.  Alternative English reading materials may be provided.

Course Code Course Title Instructor Course syllabus
HUMA1010 Introduction to Language Wo-tak Ng
HUMA1030 Structure of the Chinese Language [C] Carine Yiu
HUMA2106* A New Approach to Music Making Bright Sheng
HUMA2300 Traditional Chinese Poetry: Early Chinese Poetry [C][PU] Wai-ho Wong
HUMA2420^ Late Imperial China [C][PU] Chunyuan Li
HUMA2421^ Pre-modern China: The Song and Yuan Dynasties, 960-1368 [C][PU] Chunyuan Li
HUMA2440 20th Century China in Documentary Films David Chang >
HUMA4000E* The Foreigners’ Look at China May-yi Shaw
HUMA4000G* Global Hong Kong in Literature and Film Charles Laughlin
HART1030 Introduction to Chinese Painting in the Past Century [C][CA] Mo-ching Pau
HART1031 Documentary Theatre Krissy Lam
HART1040 Western Fashion, 1850 to Nowadays Silvio Chan

*non-common core course
^Chinese communication course
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