Full List of Postgraduate Courses
Multidisciplinary Course
History and Anthropology
Philosophy and Religion

Multidisciplinary Course
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5001 Fundamentals of Chinese Culture [C]
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5002 Chinese Historical Phonology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5060 (6000G, 600G) Topics in Chinese Phonetics [C] [PU]
HUMA 5160 (516)  Chinese Historical Phonology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5170 (517)  Chinese Historical Lexicology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5180 (518) Chinese Historical Morphology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5230 (523, 600D) Languages of China: Anthropological and Cognitive Dimensions [C] [PU]
HUMA 5240 (524) Chinese Dialectology [C] [PU]
HUMA 5270 (527) Cantonese Linguistics [C] [PU]
HUMA 5280 (528, 600F) Cantonese Grammar in Contemporary Linguistic Theories [C] [PU]
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5003 Chinese Literary History [C]
HMMA 5470 China in Foreigners' Eyes
HUMA 5300 (530) Chinese Literary History [C]
HUMA 5330 (533) Traditional Chinese Literary Theory and Criticism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5340 (534) Modern Chinese Literary Criticism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5360 (536, 601J) History and Theory of Comparative Literature [C]
HUMA 5380 (538) Modern Literary Theory
HUMA 5440 (544) Contemporary Chinese Fiction [C] [PU]
HUMA 5450 (545) Taiwan and Hong Kong Fiction [C] [PU]
HUMA 5460 (546, 601K) Historical Imagination: Literature, Film, and Culture [C]
HUMA 5470 (6001S) China in Foreigners' Eyes
HUMA 5480 (6001Q, 601Q) Lyricism in Literature and the Arts
HUMA 6001G (601G) Late Qing Literary and Visual Modernities [C] [PU]
HUMA 6001P (601P) Theory and Practice in Film Studies [C]
HUMA 6001R Feminism
HUMA 6001T Comparative Perspectives on Chinese Animation
HUMA 6001U Traveling Texts and Images: Modern Chinese Literature and Print Culture [C]
HUMA 6001V Sentimental Republic: Emotion in Modern Chinese Literature [C]
HUMA 6001W (601E) Late Qing Literature [C] [PU]
HUMA 6001X Cinema under Mao
HUMA 6001Y The Three Gorges Dam on Film
History and Anthropology
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5004 Pre-Modern Chinese History [C]
HMMA 5005 Modern Chinese History [C]
HMMA 5006 Anthropological Studies of China [C]
HUMA 5510 (551) Pre-Modern Chinese History [C]
HUMA 5515 (602E) Readings in Song and Ming History [C] [PU]
HUMA 5520 (552) Modern Chinese History [C]
HUMA 5560 (556) Methods in the Study of Source Materials [C] [PU]
HUMA 5580 (558) Theories and Methods in East Asian History [C]
HUMA 5590 Southwest China and Southeast Asia [C]
HUMA 5620 (562) Chinese Painting: Meanings and Uses [C] [PU]
HUMA 5625 (6002F, 602F) Painting and Modernity in China: Qing and After [C] [PU]
HUMA 5650 Narratives on Law in China from AD1000 [C]
HUMA 5655 (6002R) Contracts and Order in Chinese Local Society, 600-1911 AD [C]
HUMA 5660 (566) City and Urban Life in Late-Imperial and Modern China [C]
HUMA 5685 (6002P) Peasants and the Chinese Communist Party [C]
HUMA 5690 (602H) Major Issues in the History of U.S.-China Relations [C]
HUMA 5695 Fascism
HUMA 5696 (6002I) The Culture of Capitalism
HUMA 5700 (5540, 554) Anthropological Studies of China [C]
HUMA 5750 (575) Family and Lineage in South China [C]
HUMA 5755 (602G) Ethnicity in Chinese Context
HUMA 5770 (5550, 555) Field Research: Theory and Practice
HUMA 5780 (578) Critical Approaches to Theories of Cultural Anthropology
HUMA 6002M (602M) Chinese Economic History (221 BC to 1911 AD) [C] [PU]
HUMA 6002Q Topics in Ming-Qing History [C] [PU]
HUMA 6002S 20th Century Russia
Philosophy and Religion
Course Code Course Title
HMMA 5007 Fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy [C] [PU]
HUMA 5800 (580) Fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy [C] [PU]
HUMA 5810 (581) Confucianism: Classical Period [C] [PU]
HUMA 5820 (582) Confucianism: Song and Ming Periods [C] [PU]
HUMA 5830 (583) Confucianism: Contemporary Period [C] [PU]
HUMA 5840 (584) Chinese Buddhism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5844 Reading Chan Buddhism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5850 (585, 603C) Taoism [C] [PU]
HUMA 5900 (590) Fundamentals of Comparative Philosophy [C]
HUMA 5910  Philosophy of Religion: East and West
HUMA 6003A Topics in Chinese Philosophy (in English) [C]
HUMA 6003B (603B, 604K) Chinese Philosophy and Analytic Methods [C] [PU]
HUMA 6003C Theories and Methods in the Study of Religious Daoism [C]
HUMA 6003D Topics in European Philosophy: Phenomenology

Teaching Medium: [CA]=Cantonese; [PU]=Putonghua
Reading Materials: [C]=Chinese

Last update: 5 Dec 2017