HUMA Common Core Program

The Humanities Common Core Program at HKUST is designed to broaden students' intellectual horizons and equip them with the capabilities they need to become productive members of the modern world. The objective of our common core courses is not only to transfer knowledge but also to develop critical, analytical and communication skills that are essential to civil society. More specifically, the program will enable students to deepen their knowledge of human cultures in a wide range of social, political and economic contexts. Through the training provided by our common core courses, students are expected to develop their reading and writing capacities, to be aware of concepts, ideas and systems of thought that underlie human activities, and to heighten their concern about human society as they come to see how the past constructs the present, and how modern science and technology affect human life.

The Division of Humanities offers a wide variety of common core courses. To facilitate students in course selections according to their own interests, courses are grouped by subject categories:

Common Core Courses for 4-Year Programs
Common Core Courses for 3-Year Programs