Li-fen CHEN (陳麗芬)  PhD University of Washington, 1990
Associate Professor
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Tel : 2358-7813
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Professor Chen received her BA in English from the National Taiwan University, MA in English from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, and PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Washington. She taught at Tamkang University, Taiwan, and the University of Delaware. 


Research Interests
Modern and contemporary literature, critical theory, film, cultural studies.


Representative Publications

〈幽靈人間·鬼味香港〉(ThePhantoms of Hong Kong). 《香港:都市想像與文化記憶》(Hong Kong: Urban Imagination and Cultural Memory), Ed. Chen Pingyuan. Beijing: Beijing University Press, 2015, pp. 247-263.
〈台灣現代主義文學的另類想像: 以七等生為例〉(The Alternative Imagination of Taiwan’s Modernist Literature: The Example of Qidengsheng).《七等生: 台灣現當代作家研究資料彙編》(Qidengsheng: An Anthology of Studies of Taiwanese Modern and Contemporary Writers). Eds. Feng Deping and Xiao Yiling. Tainan: National Museum of Taiwan Literature, 2013, pp. 159-182.
〈野性的姿勢:姜戎《狼圖騰》與中國想像〉 (A Gesture of Savagery: Jiang Rong’s Wolf Totemand Chinain Imagination) . 《中外文學》(Chung-Wai Literary Monthly) 41.4 (December 2012): 107-141.
〈童言流言,續作團圓〉(Babble and Rumor: The Making of Sequels in Eileen Chang’s TheLittle Reunion). 《張愛玲:傳奇,性別,系譜》(Eileen Chang: Legend, Gender, Genealogy).Ed. Lin Xingqian, Taipei: Linking Publishing Co., 2012, pp. 289-314.
      〈天花板下的旅人∶尋找黃國峻〉(The Traveler under the Ceiling: In Search
of Huang Guojun). 《台灣文學研究》(Taiwan Literature Studies) (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan), new series 1.2 (June 2012): 191-230.
“Queering Taiwan: In Search of Nationalism’s Other.” Modern China 37.4 (July 2011): 384-421.
〈人在海上:側寫旅行文學〉(On the Sea: An Alternative View of Travel Literature).《看山不是山,看水不是水:第二屆世界華文旅遊文學國際學術研討會文集》(Collected Essays on Travel Literature). Hong Kong: Ming Pao Publishing Co. 2011, pp. 313-328.
〈從馬肉米粉到蘇飛蛋奶酥—白先勇的饑餓敍事〉(From Rice Noodle to Soufflé: Bai Xianyong’s Hunger Narrative). 《台灣文學學報》(Bulletin of Taiwan Literature) (National Chengchi University, Taiwan) 14 (June 2009): 19-46.
〈誰怕張愛玲?--從黃碧雲的相機說起〉(Who’s Afraid of Eileen Chang?—Huang Biyun and Her Camera),《張愛玲:文學.電影.舞台》(Eileen Chang, Literature, Film, Stage). Ed. Lin Xingqian, Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, 2007, pp. 61-78.
〈闡釋 “台灣” ──九十年代台灣文學/文化批評本土論述〉(Discoursing “Taiwan”: Literary and Cultural Criticism in Taiwan in the 1990s). Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese 5.1 (Summer 2001): 111-145.
Fictionality and Reality in Narrative Discourse: A Reading of Four
Contemporary Taiwanese Writers. Parkland: Dissertation.com., 2000, 178 pages.
《現代文學與文化想像――從台灣到香港》(Modern Literary and Cultural Imagination: from Taiwan to Hong Kong).Taipei: Bookman Books, Ltd., 2000, 222 pages.
“The Cultural Turn in the Study of Modern Chinese Literature: Rey Chow and the Diasporic Self-Writing.” Modern Chinese Literature and Culture 12.1 (Spring 2000): 43-80.
〈普及文化與歷史想像――李碧華的聯想〉(Popular Culture and Historical Imagination: Reflections on Li Bi-hua).《文學.香港.李碧華》(Literature, Hong Kong, Li Bi-hua). Ed. Kwok-kou Chan,Taipei: Rye Field, 2000.
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〈性話語與主體想像──李元貞《愛情私語》與李昂《迷園》〉(Sexual Discourse and Imaginary Subjectivity: Li Yuan-chen’s Whispers of Love and Li Ang’s Labyrinth).《現代中文文學評論》(Review of Modern Literature in Chinese) 5 (Summer 1996): 83-92.
〈文學史論述與日據時期的台灣文學──兼論龍瑛宗的小說〉(The Writing of Taiwanese Literary History: Lung Ying-tsung’s Fiction and Taiwanese Literature in the Japanese Occupation Period).《今天》(Today) 32 (Spring 1996): 49-60.
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“Form and Its Discontent: A Rereading of Ch’i-teng Sheng’s Fiction,” Modern Chinese Literature6.1&2 (Spring/Fall, 1992): 179-202.