Carine Yuk-man YIU (姚玉敏)  PhD The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2005
Associate Professor
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Tel : 2358-7801
Email : yyiu
Room No : 3339
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Professor Yiu received her BA(advanced) and MA degrees in linguistics from the University of Manitoba and MPhil and PhD degrees in Chinese linguistics from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her dissertation was on the syntax and semantics of directional verbs in Cantonese. Before joining the HKUST, she was a part-time teaching assistant and tutor in the School of Arts and Social Sciences of the Open University of Hong Kong and a tutor of Cantonese.


Research Interests
Chinese linguistics; Cantonese dialect; Chinese dialectology; syntax; semantics.


Representative Publications
〈重構早期漢語方言語法:位移事件的類型〉[Reconstructing early dialectal grammar: Typology of motion events]. 《中國語言學集刊》Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics (E. J. Brill, Leiden), (2015) 8.2: 267-288.

"Typology of word order in Chinese dialects: Revisiting the classification of Min". Language and Linguistics (Academia Sinica, Taipei), Vol. 15, no.4, (2014): 539-573.

The Typology of Motion Events: An Empirical Study of Chinese Dialects. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 2013.

“Directional verbs in Cantonese: A typological and historical study.” Language and Linguistics (Academia Sinica, Taipei), Vol. 14, no.3, (2013): 511-569.

“Tonal adaptation of English loanwords in early Cantonese” Journal of Chinese Linguistics (CUHK), Vol. 40, no.1, (2012): 190-215.

〈早期粵語中的“畀”字句〉[Bei-sentences in Early Cantonese].《中國語言學報專刊24》[Journal of Chinese Linguistics (CUHK) Monograph series no. 24 (2010): 162-185.

〈也談早期粵語中的變調現象〉[Revisit the Use of Change Tones in Early Cantonese].《方言》[Dialect] (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Issue 1, (2010): 18-29.

〈香港粵語上聲變化初探:語音實驗研究〉[A Preliminary Study on the Change of Rising Tones in Hong Kong Cantonese: An Experimental Study]. 《語言暨語言學》[Language and Linguistics] (Academia Sinica, Taipei), Vol. 10, no.2,  (2009): 269-291.

〈粵語開始體“起上嚟”的產生〉[The Formation of the Inchoative Aspect Marker Heisoenglai in Cantonese].《中國語言學集刊》[Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics] (Li Fang-Kuei Society for Chinese Linguistics, and Center for Chinese Linguistics, HKUST) 2 (2008): 127-147.

〈從共時和歷時角度探討“翻”及一些相關現象〉[Faan and Related Phenomena: A Synchronic-diachronic Perspective]. In《第十屆國際粵方言研討會論文集》[Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Yue Dialects], ed. by Zhang Hong-nian, Zhang Shuang-qing and Chen Xiong-gen. 319-334. Beijing: Beijing Zhongguo Shehuikexue chubanshe, 2007.

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“On the Extractability of Adjuncts in Chinese Relative Clauses.” (co-authored with Shi Dingxu and Jiang Yan) In Proceedings of the LSA Linguistics Workshop on Interface Strategies in Chinese: Syntax and Semantics of Noun Phrases. 84-101. Cornell University, 1997.