Lisa Lai-ming WONG (黃麗明)  PhD The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 1999
Associate Professor
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Tel : 2358-7790
Email : hmlmlisa
Room No : 2358
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Professor Wong graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a BA in English. She received her MA in Translation and Interpretation from the City Polytechnic of Hong Kong and PhD in Humanities from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She taught English and comparative literature at the Chinese University of Hong Kong before returning to HKUST.


Research Interests
Modern poetry; lyric theory; comparative literature.


Representative Publications

Trans. The Completion of a Poem: Letters to Young Poets by Yang Mu, with Translator's Introduction and Notes. Leiden: Brill, 2017. 169 pages.

《搜尋的日光:楊牧的跨文化詩學》(Rays of the Searching Sun: The Transcultural Poetics of Yang Mu) 詹閔旭/施俊州譯 Translated into Chinese by Zhan Min-xu and Si Tsun-tsiu, Marcus. 曾珍珍校譯, edited and reviewed by Tseng Chen-chen. 台北 Taipei:洪範 Hongfan,2015. 346 pages.
Rays of the Searching Sun: The Transcultural Poetics of Yang Mu (No. 23 in New Comparative Poetics Series). Brussels: P. I. E. Peter Lang, 2009. 300 pages.


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