HKUST Public Humanities Lectures
73rd Lecture - Thinking about Politics in Nazi Germany
[第七十三講] 思考納粹德國的政治
How did intellectuals in Nazi Germany try to make sense of the regime's foreign policy? How did they situate the Third Reich within a longer-term history of world empires? And why has their propaganda experienced a peculiar afterlife in postwar European and American thought? To illuminate these questions, this presentation considers the career of Carl Schmitt, a German law professor who, at least for a time, enjoyed a position of special prominence among the Nazi academic elite. Schmitt's writings about land and sea power, and the history of international law, were widely read and debated by his contemporaries, and continue to find a wide audience in English and Chinese translations today. His attempt to legitimize Nazi foreign policy represents one paradigmatic intellectual response to totalitarianism, a response delivered, so to speak, from the “belly of the beast.”
Speaker(s) Professor Joshua DERMAN (杜哲士教授)
Date 28 Sep 2015 (Monday)
Time 3 - 5 pm
Venue Lecture Hall, G/F, Hong Kong Museum of History
Language English
Sponsor Hong Kong Museum of History
Remarks Free Admission; first come, first served
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